Rubbermaid Closet Systems

Rubbermaid Closet Systems

Closet Storage Systems in Bloomington, IL

closet storage in bloomingtonFlooring America Bloomington offers much more than just competitively priced flooring. We want to help you fall back in love with your home. As your flooring ages and the clutter begins to build, many believe the only alternative is to pull up stakes and move across town. With the right storage options in place, and new hardwood and tile floors in place, your home can become the place you have always dreamed it could be. Hire a group of technicians with the right combination of products and experience for this critical element of home improvement.

Maximize the amount of functional storage space in your home without knocking down walls or making your partner throw out their favorite clothing when you make an investment in our closet storage systems in Bloomington, IL. With the right configuration of inserts and storage racks from the innovators at Rubbermaid, your closets are sure to feel bigger in no time. Ask your design consultant about our full suite of customized rods and shelving units.

The Elements of Efficiency

Replacing the flooring in your home can throw everything out of order. Moving your belongings out of the way of the installation contractors can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. Before your next remodeling project begins, ask your design consultant about our storage solutions. Once you have the right organizational system in place, you can open up your floor plan in ways you may not have ever imagined.

During your initial consultation with our design team, we ask the crucial questions about the dimensions of your home. Accurate measurements make a big difference, and every inch of space is essential. Find a home for all your winter clothes and summer shoes when the seasons turn with closet inserts and other organizational elements, including:

  • Customizable Shelving Units
  • Hanging Bags
  • Shoe Storage Racks
  • Shoe Cabinets
  • Customizable Rods
  • Cabinets
  • Drawers - Shallow and Deep
  • Hooks
  • Storage Racks and Closet Towers
  • Sliding Closet Baskets

Innovative Closet Organization

Create new places to store your clothes, and keep your home in one piece when you hire our team of closet insert installation specialists. Our organization systems also make your home more attractive to potential buyers and add greater functionality to the residence you fell in love with. Our custom closet inserts that are capable of storing just about anything that is crammed into your bedrooms and hallways. With an eye towards the overall design theme of your home, each insert and cabinet is crafted with your choice of fabrics and hardware. Plus,we won’t waste your time with needless delays and hidden charges. We stand by the work we do, and we’re ready to listen to what you have to say. Discover what your home is capable of today.


Contact us today to start decreasing the clutter in your life with our closet storage systems. We proudly serve customers in Bloomington, Clinton, Downs, Shirley, and Twin Grove, Illinois, and surrounding communities.


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